Happy Fourth of July!

We have made a very simple and healthy treat that you can add to any family BBQ. Watermelon and fireworks are an American summer tradition. So, why not bring them together in a fun way? You may already have everything needed to make this new family favorite. But don’t save all the fun for yourself! Ask your kids to help. They will love this! img_00131Items needed: Watermelon (preferably seedless), Blueberries, Star Cookie Cutter, and Bamboo Sticks. Tip: Add a little Disney magic to this treat by replacing the Star Cookie Cutter with a Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter. Okay, so let’s dive into the simple step-by-step instructions…..It’s blueberry season which means you can find fresh, organic blueberries at any farmer’s market. We were able to get these blueberries from a family member. You’ll want to have blueberries that are nice and plump so they go on the bamboo sticks with ease.img_9981Like I said before, watermelon is basically a summer staple. You will definitely want a seedless watermelon to make it easier to eat from the bamboo stick. If you have a watermelon slicer, then I’m extremely jealous of you. I didn’t have one which made it a little difficult to slice the watermelon thin enough for the cookie cutter. Here’s one that will make it easier for you. (I’m for sure going to use it next time!)img_9979I had to make a last minute grocery run and luckily found these awesome 6 inch long bamboo sticks at Publix. Sadly, they didn’t have any cookie cutters but I remembered that I had this star that my children use with playdough (Don’t worry, I thoroughly washed it). This Mickey Mouse cookie cutter would add some extra Disney fun to this treat. (P.S. a star cookie cutter is also included with this set)img_9984Here’s the fun part….. The first step is to slice the watermelon in thin slices so that the cookie cutter can go through each slice easily. I was able to get at least 3-4 stars per slice. This also depends on the size of your watermelon.img_9988

Next, very gently begin to skewer those little blueberries. Add as many as you like. I did about 8 or so on each one. Just be sure that there is enough room at the top for the watermelon star.img_9997And for the grand finale….. Very carefully place the watermelon on top of the bamboo stick. Be sure that the stick is at least halfway through so that it’s secured in place. And Viola!!! You have completed the first one. See! Wasn’t that fun?!?! You can see the finished product below. I’m telling you, your family will think you went to infinity and beyond to make these. We hope you enjoy them!img_9995

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