The Ant-Man And the Wasp released this past weekend and is the latest addition to Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. It crawls in as the second installment of the Ant-Man series with the first movie releasing back in 2015 which grossed more than $519 million worldwide.

(Caution: Spoilers Below)

Setting Up the Film

The movie opens with a flashback to the year 1987 where the audience sees a young Hope van Dyne (The Wasp)  telling  her parents, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, goodbye as they embark on a mission to stop a Soviet nuclear missile from hitting the U.S. In order to stop the missile Janet has to shrink between the molecules of the titanium shroud to deactivate the nuclear device and save millions of lives. In doing so, Janet has remained captive in the Quantum Realm ever since.

As we find out in Avengers: Affinity War, Scott Lang (Ant-Man) has been put on house arrest for violating the Sokovia Accords. Lang had violated these accords by helping Captain America fight during Captain America: Civil War in Germany and using the Ant-Man suit.  By association, Hope and her father Hank Pym were also in violation of the Sokovia Accords, and this drives both Hank and Hope into hiding while also cutting ties with Lang. The story of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) picks back up in present-day 2 years after his violation with only 3 days left on his house arrest sentence.

Cut to a humorous montage of a Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) bored at home trying to waste time until he’s released from house arrest by working, playing the drums, making trick shots with an indoor basketball, watching tv, running around in his underwear, and eventually taking a bath with his ankle bracelet wrapped in plastic. While Lang is taking a bath he falls asleep and has an odd very specific dream where he thinks he sees Janet van Dyne. With the dream being odd enough, Lang calls Hank and leaves a message about the happenings of the dream.

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Fast-Forward Summary Montage

(Cue the cool montage song)

  • Lang gets kidnapped by Hope because of his dream.
  • Lang learns Hank and Hope have been working on a device that can transport people into the quantum realm and back.
  • They intend to rescue Janet.
  • They had started the device and opened the quantum realm for a brief second before the device had shut down.
  • Lang has the dream immediately when the quantum realm opens and hints why the dream is important (quantum entanglement).
  • They really believe Janet is alive because of Lang’s dream.
  • The audience soon learns that Lang and Hope van Dyne (The Wasp) had previously started training alongside each other as Ant-Man and The Wasp while also stoking a romantic relationship in the time leading up to Lang’s violation in Germany.
  • Little to no contact has been made between Lang or Hope in the two years Lang was on house arrest.
  • They need to find a part to fix the quantum portal machine because it’s broken.
  • They shrink their lab and put it in a van to go find the part they need.
  • They meet a black market arms dealer named Sonny Birch for the part who wants their technology instead and won’t give them the part. Pow! Bang! Boom! The Wasp fights to get the part while leaving the money. But……
  • A new “Ghost” character (a person who is constantly phasing between realms due to an accident as a child and can physically pass through stuff) surprises The Wasp and takes their shrunken lab after a fight.
  •  They visit Bill Foster a past colleague of Hank’s to help track the lab.
  • They find the lab where Ghost is, and Ghost kicks but and ties Hope, Scott, and Hank to chairs
  • Plot Twist: Bill Foster shows up and has been helping Ghost.
  • Ghost is Ava Starr.
  • Ghost needs the technology in the lab to save herself.
  • An Altoids tin full of giant ants saves The Wasp and Ant-Man
  • They fix the device to the quantum realm
  • Luis is funny. Luis gives up their new location with truth serum and Hope and Hank get arrested by the feds while Scott escapes home to fend off the feds.
  • Scott rescues Hope and Hank from the feds.
  • Sonny Burch Tries to get the technology to sell the entire film to no success.
  • The feds led by Jimmy Woo try to capture, Ant-Man, Hank and Hope the entire film to no success.
  • Ant-Man and The Wasp have a showdown with Ghost which is a diversion.
  • Hank dives into the quantum realm and retrieves Janet. (This was trippy.)
  • Janet has new powers.
  • Janet stabilized Ghost for the time being.
  • Scott and Hope kiss at different times.


 The Mid-Credit Scene

As you see with most Marvel Universe films there is the infamous after or mid credit scene. This scene depicts Ant-Man along with Hope, Hank, and Janet on top of a building with a mini quantum bridge. Ant-man is going to retrieve a healing particle from the quantum to completely heal Ghost (Ava Starr). We soon find out that the happenings of the film are in parallel with that of Avengers: Infinity War as you soon see Hope, Hank, and Janet disappear from Thanos eliminating half the life in the universe. This leaves Ant-Man stuck in the quantum realm.  This only eludes to more mystery as to how the quantum realm plays a part in the Infinity War disappearances. This leaves me with a few thoughts.

  • The retrieval of Janet van Dyne from the quantum realm lets us know that a person can survive for years in the quantum realm.
  • Are our fallen heroes killed by Thanos in the quantum realm at the center of an infinity stone?
  • Is it possible to shrink between the molecules of an infinity stone to retrieve our lost heroes or reverse what has happened?
  • What powers did Janet acquire while spending many years in the quantum realm other than being able to make your fingers glow like ET?

Should you go see the film?

JPEG image 9

Yes, go see the film. The movie overall was lots of fun and it kept me laughing throughout the entire film as you might expect from a film starring Paul Rudd. The scenes between Lang and his daughter Cassie were very heartwarming and were emotionally heartfelt and adorable.  Lang’s business partners Luis, Dave, and Kurt are also a returning highlight of the film, and to me adding another layer of comedy to many scenes throughout the film. The plot itself is basically finding a part to fix the device that opens the tunnel to the quantum realm,  keep the “bad guys” away, and try to find Janet and bring her back. This is basically some of the premises of the first Ant-Man film to me, and it’s not a crazy deep plot, and where the film fails. Also, there is some off-color language for parents taking their kids to see this film.

The hilarious, witty, and light-hearted comedy of the movie keeps the movie afloat. I take the movie for what it is, a very entertaining comedy that’s worth your time.

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