I was born in the late 80s which put most of my childhood being spent in the 90s. I grew up during what was termed the “Disney 90’s Revival” watching The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, Toy Story, A Goofy Movie, A Bug’s Life, The Mighty Ducks, Heavy Weights, Toy Story 2, and that’s just to name a few. All these movies were a big part of my childhood.


Then in the mid-90s, my mom, aunt, and uncle surprised me with a trip to Walt Disney World which would be my first time to visit. I was absolutely ecstatic. Like the kind of ecstasy that just bubbles deep down inside and into your stomach. A few years later my dad and my step-mom took me again.  Needless to say, my family was blessed enough to take me was enough to build my love for this place called Walt Disney World. As I’ve grown older I’ve returned several times including for my honeymoon and have had the privilege of taking my sons. Disney World had soon become a place of nostalgic memory, and today a place I miss when I leave, and one that I can’t wait to go back to.


Walt Disney World is for kids. It’s a dream of standing in front of Cinderella Castle and witnessing the fireworks. It’s at night of taking a spin on Dumbo, and the thrill of getting wet in the briar patch on Splash Mountain. Walt Disney World is for kids. It’s is seeing the impossible. It’s having a Mickey Ice Cream Bar in the summer heat. It’s getting a Mickey sucker the size of your head. It’s an encounter with pirates and a quest on a runaway mine train.  To a child, Walt Disney World is magical.

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Furthermore, Walt Disney World is sweltering summer heat with torrential downpours which cause water-logged shoes. It’s screaming kids and packed crowded spaces. It’s long lines and long waits. Walt Disney World is crying kids that don’t want to leave. It’s now a dad ordering his special cocktail to pass the time. It’s a child sliding his scoop of ice cream off his cone and onto his shoe (this was me). Walt Disney World is for kids.

This leads me to the purpose of this blog, is Walt Disney World fun for Adults?

As I’ve grown older no I don’t watch the classic movies as much as I did as a child, however, from time to time I still do. I now don’t idolize the things in the world as much as I used to. I no longer see the world through a child’s eyes. I notice flaws more now. I realize life isn’t perfect and it never will be. I realize that magic isn’t real and that the princess doesn’t always to get to be with her prince. Walt Disney World isn’t perfect. 

Is Walt Disney World fun for adults? In my opinion, yes it is! Walt Disney World isn’t perfect but the reason I love it has to be because of Walt Disney. Walt’s true passion for the development of the Florida Project was EPCOT or the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. In theory, if EPCOT was fully realized, it would have been a constantly evolving community with a perpetual change in residents, new ideas, and emerging technology. EPCOT’s intent was to be a beacon of light to humanity as an evolving algorithm constantly producing a better solution to life’s problems. A prototype community that never stopped pursuing perfection in industry, agriculture, and design of technology. A place a person could live for a season and take what they learned back to his or her communities. Even though EPCOT wasn’t fully built, I believe Walt Disney World as a whole is a bit of what Walt intended. It’s a place I can go that I can see new emerging technology, excellence in landscaping, a clean community and parks, and the marvel of bringing joy to people through entertainment. It’s a place I can eat at the amazing restaurants in every class. It’s a place with a budding nightlife that is Disney Springs. You can sample drinks and foods from around the world, and be entertained by night time spectaculars, and be thrilled by amazing rides and shows. There is blog after blog covering all that Walt Disney World offers.

Walt Disney World isn’t a perfect place and it’s a business that has to turn a profit, but in my opinion at the heart of this place is Walt’s legacy of hard work, attention to detail, and a representation of a better tomorrow. That is something every adult should get behind. Yes, Walt Disney World is for adults.


Check out this podcast below for more information on Walt Disney’s “Master Plan” for EPCOT. Image result for connecting with walt podcast

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